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St. Nicholas German Lutheran Church Records
Peppertown, Salt Creek Township
Franklin County, Indiana

The St. Nicholas German Lutheran Church, Peppertown, Indiana

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Historical Handwritten Church Records & Cemetery Records
In An Alphabetical Listing by Surnames, Including Maiden Names

Transcribed and Published by Larry Christensen

"The strongest memory is not as strong
as the weakest ink." -- Chinese proverb

This list is an attempt to provide historical detail about families that have lived within the 28 square miles of Salt Creek Township, Franklin County, Indiana.

The political entity of Salt Creek Township was created in 1850, and German Lutheran church meetings were regularly held even in those days. The earliest dates in this book go back to the 1700s. Many birthplaces in Europe are recorded. These records document about 1,400 individuals during a period of more than a century. Most of these folks have their roots in Germany.

These old hand-inked Church records were written by pastors in a "blank book" using German language and script. Their hand-made record formats are anything but standardized. On this webpage, original records are condensed into a genealogy-rich format. Errors are possible. Researchers should examine the original microfilm record [US #151059] whenever possible to obtain insights into the source document. If you discover errors, please send corrections as soon as possible.

You can also read a brief History of this Peppertown Church along with several related historical lists. See the Master SiteMap for links to other related sites.

This information is provided by Larry Christensen as a way to honor to Peppertown native Harold W. Hannebaum, inventor and author, and his wonderful wife, Tilda. Corrections and additions to these web pages are always welcomed and will be added as footnotes.

Perhaps the most important symbol used is [--------]. This symbol will alert you, the reader, to a missing surname, usually a maiden name. Your help is needed!!!

Symbole und Abkürzungen in Kirchenbüchern:

DOB = Date of Birth = Geburtsdatum
POB = Place of Birth = Geburtsort
BAP = Baptismal Date, if date of birth is missing = Taufdatum
DOC = Date of Confirmation = Konfirmationsdatum
COM = Communion Record = Eintrag zur Kommunion
DOM = Date of Marriage = Heiratsdatum
POM = Place of Marriage = Heiratsort
DOD = Date of Death = Sterbedatum
POD = Place of Death = Sterbeort
BUR = Place of Burial = Beerdigungort
[--------] = Missing surname = Nachname fehlt
(p. ---) = Page number in the Church Book = Seitenzahl im Kirchenbuch
== = Child = Kind (Children = Kinder)

Signature = Unterschrift = Historical original signature

{Information} within braces = Additional information from sources other than the Peppertown German Lutheran Church Book. If an alternate source is not cited, then the added information is from the book "Hannebaum Families in America and Germany" compiled and edited by Larry Christensen.

{Informationen} in Klammern = Zusätzliche Informationen aus andern Quellen als dem Kirchenbuch der "Deutschen Evangelischen Kirche" zu Peppertown. Falls nicht anders angegeben, ist die Zusatzinformation aus dem Buch "Hannebaum Familien in Amerika und Deutschland 1999" zusammengestellt und herausgegeben von Larry Christensen.

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